New Patient Registration

Register with us

The best care from GP surgeries thrives on the surgery’s connection with the local community, leveraging shared knowledge, resources, and skills. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to register with a local GP surgery. Are we a local GP for you?  Anyone who lives within the practice boundary shown in the map below can register with us.

Even if you don’t live in our catchment area, there are circumstances that may lead you to prefer registering with us. For example, your workplace location, local family ties, or previous patient history. We do register people who live in North West London but are outside our catchment area, but it’s important to note that certain limitations apply due to our collaborative work with local services. As a result, this arrangement may not be suitable for everyone, particularly people with complex medical problems which involve support from other NHS services. If you still want to register with us, you will be registered as what is called an “out of area” patient. Further details of what this means are described below.

Practice Area

We are happy to register new NHS patients within our practice boundary area.

Catchment Area

Where it is clinically appropriate and practical to register, we now accept new registrations from patients who work in the local area but reside outside our registration areaPatients registered this way would not be entitled to a home visit from the practice. However, if you live outside the practice area and need a home visit, please contact NHS 111 in order to be seen by a practice closer to where they live.

For further information about this type of registration, please contact us on 0208 741 7471.

How to Register

To register with our practice please follow the link below to complete the online registration form.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please do not email us any identification documents.

You do not need to bring ID before your first appointment.

Please bring a photo ID  when you attend your FIRST appointment with a doctor or nurse (e.g. Driving License or Passport).  You can book appointments by phoning or using E-Consult via the website. 

Registration should take up to 72 hours on weekdays. Should you require urgent medical attention during this period, please attend a local Urgent Care Centre, call 111 or contact your previous practice.

Before registering, please ensure you have enough medication prescribed from your previous practice to cover you for at least 28 days.

For further information on registering with your GP, please visit the NHS website.

Restrictions for “Out of Area” Registrations

If you live outside our catchment area (shown in the map above) and want to register as an “out-of-area” patient, please take note of the following conditions:

  1. If your medical concern requires attention, you must be able to visit the surgery during our opening hours. Phone consultations may not be appropriate for certain issues.
  2. Your own health should not pose any personal factors or concerns that could prevent you from attending the surgery.
  3. At present, you should not require access to any community health or social care services, as these are organized geographically.
  4. It is your responsibility to visit the surgery to collect items like prescriptions and make suitable arrangements.
  5. Home visits cannot be provided under any circumstances.
  6. In the event that you need a GP but are too unwell to come to the surgery, please contact us initially. If we determine that you require services in your local area, we will direct you to the appropriate local service established by NHS England. This service could be a GP practice near your home, a local walk-in or urgent care centre, or a minor injuries unit.
  7. You must reside within North West London.
  8. Please understand that if your health needs change and you require access to other services, such as home visiting doctors, we may review your registration and ask you to register with a GP closer to your home.
  9. Registration with our practice is subject to our discretion. If we find that your care needs become more complex after registration, we reserve the right to review your registration and ask you to register with a GP closer to your home.

In the event that we become aware of your out-of-area residence, we will notify you and ask for your agreement to the above conditions. If we don’t receive a response, we will send reminders. Failure to comply may result in deregistration. However, please note that we will still provide care on an “immediate and necessary” basis if an urgent need arises.